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Index of Briticisms
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AmericanBritish term or expression BritishAmerican equivalent, or explanation
J Cloth™ brand of disposable household cleaning cloth
jab [colloq.] (injection) shot [colloq.]
jacket potato baked potato
jam jelly
jammy [slang] lucky
jelly (fruit-flavoured gelatin dessert) Jell-O
jelly (or gelly) [slang] gelignite
jelly baby baby-shaped, jelly-like fruit candy like jelly beans
jemmy (short crowbar used by burglars) jimmy
jerry [slang] chamber pot
Jerry [slang] German (esp. in a wartime context)
jersey in the U.K., a knitted woolen pullover or sweater
Jersey light-brown dairy cow from Channel Island of Jersey
jewellery jewelry
Jimmy, Jimmy Riddle [rhyming slang for 'piddle']
                                   (an act of urination)
pee [colloq.]
jobseeker's allowance (or JSA) unemployment benefits, welfare (payments)
Jock  [colloq.]  (Scottish variant of 'Jack') Scotsman
Joe Bloggs  [colloq.]  (your average citizen) Joe Blow, John Doe [colloq.]
Joe Public, Jane Public (the common man or woman) John Q. Public, Jane Q. Public
johnny [slang] rubber [slang], condom
joiner carpenter doing lighter woodwork
joiner [slang] person always joining societies, etc
joint (of cooked meat) roast
jolly (adv.) (as in 'jolting gelignite is jolly dangerous') very, thoroughly
jolly (n.) [colloq.] party, get-together, celebration
jotter, jotter pad, jotting block scratch pad
journo [colloq.] journalist
jug pitcher
juggernaut (articulated lorry) semi [colloq.], semi-trailer, tractor-trailer
jumble sale rummage sale, charity bazaar
jump leads jumper cables
jump the queue cut in line
jumper sweater
junction intersection or highway interchange
junior student at a 'junior school' (see below)
junior school (for children aged 7 to 11) elementary school
junior seaman (Royal Navy) seaman recruit (U.S. Navy)
junior technician (Royal Air Force) Rank between airman first class and
airman second class (U.S. Air Force)


Index of Briticisms
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