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The Japan Perspectives collection 


David V. AppleyardThis mixed archive of humorous, serious, provocative and poignant pieces on everyday life in Japan has slowly evolved over the past decade. Some items are fairly recent, some beginning to show their age, others simply timeless…among them polished pearls that might have been lost forever.

My thanks go out to all the knowledgeable and talented writers who have supported this project and kindly contributed their articles on a wide range of issues. I'm sure you'll agree that the outcome of their combined efforts and considerable experience makes for an extraordinarily good read.

David V. Appleyard

Author Listing

Debito Arudou

IC you: bugging the alien

The myopic state we're in

Barry Brophy

Could fear derail bold tourism bid?

Scales of justice

Amy Chavez

Don't let bad bicycle days run you down

Gregory Clark

Japan's hard line: never give an inch to China

J. Sean Curtin

International marriages in Japan

Living longer, divorcing later: The Japanese silver divorce phenomenon

Sarah Dale

Mama-san's babies

Boyé Lafayette De Mente

Branch of Tokyo Sky Tree sprouts beer pubs

'Code words' provide shortcut to understanding foreign cultures

Cultural ways of pleasuring in the brevity of life!

Experiencing other cultures in Japan

Fascinating story of inns in Japan

Japan remains safe haven for foreign travelers

Japanese scientists make automated translation breakthrough

Selling sex in a glass! — Japan's pleasure trades

The extraordinary merits of modern-day karate

The Japanese art of losing to win (1965/2005)

The lowdown on the cost of 'doing Japan'

The return of Japan's castle culture

Tokyo sights you should not miss!

Visitors can learn about Japan's famous secret agents!

Weather...for better or worse

Why foreign men like Japan (It's the girls!)

Duco Delgorge

Plethora of barriers narrows food choices for Japanese

The food we choose to eat: Japan's 'food paranoia' keeps high-quality produce off the menu 

Thomas Dillon

A train chock full o' nuts

Getting back on the horse

Groping for answers on gropers

Longtime expatriates all play ‘Survivor’

My views of Japan after a trip home

NHK — the way it should be

Remembering the ghost of a Christmas past

The high cost of children — don't kid yourself

What not to do in Japan: die

When cultures clash — 'sizing' up the opposition

Who is that masked woman?

Spencer Fancutt

Educational reform in Japan, or how to 'kill' children — a report

John Haffner

Immigration as a source of renewal in Japan

Japan in a post-American world

Noriko Hama

Social responsibility: the buzz word nobody gets

The importance of questioning fearlessly and answering honestly

Kiroku Hanai

A sham anti-smoking program

Toby Harward

When in Rome, do as Romans do?

Stephen Hesse

ALEX KERR'S VIEW: Japan — a land gone to the dogs?

Juliet Hindell

The meaning of Christmas

Sven Holm

The harsh reality of high school clubs

Phillip Howe

Speaking a different language

Mindy Kotler

Our beef with Japan

Chyi Lee

Seiza — the traditional Japanese sitting posture

Jean-Pierre Lehmann

English-language deficit handicaps Japan

'Inbred' universities dragging Japan down

Intellectual alienation spawns hazy policy

Matthew MacLachlan

All Change in Japan

Mark Magnier

Home-buyers in Japan up against a stacked deck

David McNeill

1,500 fed-up Kyushu citizens sue to evict yakuza HQ

Hospital death exposes 'tip of malpractice iceberg'

McEnglish for the masses

Sherry Nakanishi

Having a baby in Shimane

Lance Olsen

Organized crime and the forest

Peter Osborne

Japanese system stifles foreign scientific talent

Renata Piazza

Summer grass — A 'gaijin' among volunteers

Sheila A. Smith and Brad Glosserman

Open debate under threat in Japan

Devin T. Stewart

Is Japan giving up?

Bill Stonehill

Archaeology and racism

Classified ads? Forget about them

Crime and the U.S. servicemen in Okinawa

Kidnapped / Of separations and kidnappings

Law in Japan

Like Japanese food? Try a spaghetti sandwich

Loss of the kimono a tragedy

Mountains and deserts

Stranger in a Japanese land

The cold and the kotatsu

The iron 'Silk Road'

Tropical Tokyo and the green clams

Two-wheeler paradise

Masaru Tamamoto

Japan's crisis of the mind

Ronald E. Yates

Foreigners in Japan say openness all talk

In Japan, fast food is fast becoming a health hazard

In one remote corner of Japan, Emperor still considered a god

Japan's rebels rare, but hard-core

Japan's 'returnees' face rejection, find that coming home isn't easy

Japan's Takarazuka Theater makes women, and men, of talented girls

Monks fight 'progress' in old city

Noisiest nation in the world?

Tokyoites rush to 'commuting hell'

Editor: David V. Appleyard

Can Japan still afford all those public holidays?

Conglomerate 'X'

Junior high school English — 3 years to read 20 pages

Lafcadio Hearn, rolling stone who gathered moss in Japan

Using an English Windows computer in Japan