David Appleyard's English Language User Guides and References
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Grammar and Style Letter Writing
Vocabulary and Usage E-mail Composition
Linguistics Telephoning
Reading Skills Résumés and Job Interviews
 Handwriting and Penmanship Presentations and Public Speaking
Copy Editing and Proofreading Proverbs and Quotations
Creative and Story Writing English Language History
  Essay and Academic Writing English and American Literary History


Grammar and Style

The Elements of Style (Strunk, W. Jr.)

The Guardian and Observer Style Guide

Guide to Grammar and Style (Lynch, J.)

Guide to Grammar & Writing (Darling, C.)

The Internet Grammar of English (University College London)

Modern English Grammar (Kies, D.)

Wikipedia Manual of Style

Vocabulary and Usage

Affixes: the Building Blocks of English (Quinion, M.)

Cliché Finder — Over 3,300 clichés indexed (Friedman, M.)

Common Errors in English Usage (Brians, P.)

How to Write in Plain English (Plain English Campaign)

Blue spot bullet The A-Z of Alternative Words

The King's English, 2nd Edtion (Fowler, H.W.)

World Wide Words (Quinion, M.)

Blue spot bullet General Index


An Introduction to the Study of Speech (Sapir, E.)

DMOZtools.net: Linguistics

Glossary of Linguistic Terms (SIL International)

The Influence of Phonesthesia on the English Language (Schisler, B.)

Blue spot bullet Sound Symbolism (Wikipedia)

Linguist List — International Linguistics Community Online

Linguistics Resources (SIL International)

Wikipedia: Linguistics 

Reading Skills

CriticalReading.com (Kurland, D.)

DMOZtools.net: Kids and Teens > Reading

Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension (Duke, N. & Pearson, P.)

Foundations of Reading — Effective Phonological Awareness Instruction & Progress Monitoring (Univ. of Texas)

On the Art of Reading (Quiller-Couch, A.)

Handwriting and Penmanship

Adult Literacy Materials for Reading and Handwriting (Power, T.)

Boggle's World ABCs

DonnaYoung.org: YoungMinds Free Printable Handwriting Lessons

EnchantedLearning.com: Writing Letters and Numbers

HandwritingForKids.com: Resources

A Jan Brett Alphabet (Brett, J.)

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Copyediting-L (free online community for "copy editors and other defenders of the English language...")

Copyeditors' Knowledge Database (O'Moore-Klopf, K.)

Blue spot bullet Additional resources

DMOZtools.net: Writers' Resources > Copy Editing

The Editing and Rewriting Process (Darling, C.)

The Editor's Blog (Hill, B.)

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Testy Copy Editors (Blanchard, P.)

Wikipedia: Copy Editing

Creative and Story Writing

AbsoluteWrite.com — Informational website for writers of all levels (Stone, M.)

The Balance Careers: Fiction Writing

Blue spot bullet Book Publishing

DMOZtools.net: Writers' Resources > Fiction

The Editor's Blog (Hill, B.)

How to Write a Novel in 100 Days (Coyne, J.)

Learner.org: Literature — What Makes a Good Short Story?

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Creative Writing

ThoughtCo.com: Teaching Writing to Beginning ESL Students (Beare, K.)

Essay and Academic Writing

DMOZtools.net: Writers' Resources > Non-Fiction

How to Write Clearly (European Commission)

A Hypertext Writing Guide (Plonsky, M.)

If I were a Carpenter: The Tools of the Writer (Clark, R.P.)

KU Writing Guides (University of Kansas Writing Center)

On the Art of Writing (Quiller-Couch, A.)

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Academic Writing

Blue spot bullet Research and Citation Resources

Blue spot bullet Teacher and Tutor Resources

Blue spot bullet Subject-Specific Writing

Blue spot bullet The Writing Process

The Writer's Handbook (University of Wisconsin Writing Center)

Writer's Web (University of Richmond Writing Center)

Letter Writing

CondolenceLetters.net: Condolence Letter Templates]

EnglishClub.com: Sample Business Letters


Longer Letters (Post, E.)

Notes and Shorter Letters (Post, E.)

E-mail Composition

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email (Sherwood, K.)

FreelanceUK.com: How to Write Emails and Influence People

NetManners.com: E-mail Etiquette Tips and Advice


AudioEnglish.org: Telephone English

EnglishClub.com: Telephone English

ThoughtCo.com: Important Phrases for English Telephone Conversations (Beare, K.)

Résumés and Job Interviews

eRésumés and Résumé Writing Services: Resume Topics

Five Tips for Better Resume Writing (Messmer, M.)

Purdue Online Writing Lab: Job Search Writing

Presentations and Public Speaking

EnglishClub.com: Presentations in English

MySpeechClass.com: Public Speaking Speech Topics and Ideas

Proverbs and Quotations

Collections of Quotations at Bartleby.com

DMOZtools.net: Reference > Quotations

Familiar Quotations (Bartlett, J.)

ManyThings.org: Commonly Used Proverbs (Kelly, C. & L.)

The Quotations Page (Moncur, M.)

ThoughtCo.com: Quotations

English Language History

The American Language — An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States (Mencken, H.)

A Concise Dictionary of Middle English — From A.D. 1150-1580 (Mayhew, A. & Skeat, W.)

The Early History of Indo-European Languages (Gamkrelidze, T. & Ivanov, V.)

Ethnologue.com: English — A Language of the United Kingdom

Etymonline.com — Online Etymology Dictionary

The Historical Grammar of the Old English Language (Babaev, C.)

History of the English Language (Duncan, E.)

History of the English Language (University of Toronto)

Omniglot — The Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages (Ager, S.)

The Origin and History of the English Language (KryssTal)

Wikipedia: History of English

Wordorigins.org (Wilton, D.)

English and American Literary History

The American Novel (Van Doren, C.)

A Brief History of English Literature (Moore, A.)

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature

Wikipedia: English Literature 

Blue spot bullet British Literature

Blue spot bullet American Literature

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