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centimeter/hour [cm/h]:
centimeter/minute [cm/min]:
centimeter/second [cm/s]:
Cosmic velocity - first:
Cosmic velocity - second:
Cosmic velocity - third:
Earth's velocity:
foot/hour [ft/h]:
foot/minute [ft/min]:
foot/second [ft/s]:
kilometer/hour [km/h]:
kilometer/minute [km/min]:
kilometer/second [km/s]:
knot [kt, kn]:
knot (UK) [kt (UK)]:
Mach (20°C, 1 atm):
Mach (SI standard):
meter/hour [m/h]:
meter/minute [m/min]:
meter/second [m/s]:
mile/hour [mi/h]:
mile/minute [mi/min]:
mile/second [mi/s]:
millimeter/hour [mm/h]:
millimeter/minute [mm/min]:
millimeter/second [mm/s]:
Velocity of light in vacuum [c]:
Velocity of sound in pure water:
yard/hour [yd/h]:
yard/minute [yd/min]:
yard/second [yd/s]: